Thursday January 16, 2014

Greenkeeper of the Year Award

Speaking slot on Sustainable Golf Project
On Thursday, January 16th, trade magazine Greenkeeper handed out the Greenkeeper of the Year Award for the first time. Finch & Beak' managing partner Jan van der Kaaij told the Sustainable Golf Project story during this event.

Since 2010, the Sustainable Golf Project helps golf courses and golf events to become more sustainable. Through benchmarking, golf courses and events can compare themselves with others in the sector and learn from best practices. With these insights, golf courses and golf events are able to realize quick wins on sustainability. A sustainable golf course operates more cost-efficiently and attracts more golfers. The Sustainable Golf Project is a global project with golf courses from approximately 25 different countries in its database. 

For further information and reservations, visit the Greenkeeper of the Year website.

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