Monday May 19, 2014

The Responsible Business Summit 2014

C-suite leadership insight meets best management practice
The Ethical Corporation will host the 13th edition of their annual event on May 19-20: The Responsible Business Summit. This year's theme is about adding sustainable innovation to the bottom line. During two days, London will be the meeting place for business professionals to learn more about CSR and the link with innovation from a practical perspective.

Key speakers for the Responsible Business Summit 2014 are more than 15 CEO's and head officers from leading multinationals, for instance Sainsbury's CEO, Justin King, senior VP Global Head of Procurement Nestlé, Marco Goncalves and Brigitte Dumont, Chief CSR at Orange. They will share their business insights on CSR and innovation. 

During the conference four topics will be addressed:

  1. The power of digital: to enhance CR communications and to tailor messages and stories in an engaging and informative way. 
  2. Board buy in: to accomplish sustainable innovation with approval and commitment from the board. 
  3. The power of brands: to engage customers on sustainability and build reputation of a strong sustainable brand.
  4. Measuring sustainability: to keep the right balance and to define clear KPI's and targets for making a CR program paying off. 

Through management practices the attendees will learn more about driving innovation in their businesses and the greater value of integrated sustainability. In additon, stream sessions on several topics, like stakeholder engagement and business model innovation will be organized. During interactive workshops the studied material will be put into practice. 

In behalf of Finch & Beak, Josée van der Hoek, Founding partner & Senior consultant, will join the 2014 edition of the Responsible Business Summit, London. 

Profile of Ethical Corporation 

Since the founding of the company in 2001, Ethical Corporation has been providing business intelligence for sustainability. Based in the UK, as part of the FC Business Intelligence Ltd, they attend more than 3.000 customers per year. The company has a 100% focus on global ethical business and the actions that large companies take to respond to the sustainable business agenda. Their conferences are worldwide recognized as the best in the field, with the Responsible Business Summit being their flagship. Every year approximately 400 attendees join the event. 

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