Thursday September 11, 2014

Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich

Invitation-only event for Sustainability Directors dealing with rankings such as DJSI
On Thursday the 11th of September 2014, together with our partner BSD Consulting, Finch & Beak will co-host a Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich. On this same date, the results of the participating companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index will be made public, providing a great platform for interaction and networking on the sense and non-sense of the materiality matrix as a driver for innovation.

A number of key macro trends are shaping the future of business. With the demographic changes, the rapidly increasing urbanization, emerging markets, the rise of digital consumers, and the increasing scarcity of resources, it is clear that improving wellbeing and driving economic growth requires a radically different road. In order to take steps towards the achievement of sustainability goals, GLOBE-US will be the answer for building momentum towards sustainable business modelling. 

"From sustainability management to innovative sustainable business modelling" will be the central theme for the Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich, the natural origin of BSD Switzerland. Next to BSD Consulting and Finch & Beak, RobecoSAM will present more details on the 2014 DJSI results. The program includes:

12:00h - Welcome
12:15h - Introduction 
12:30h - Changes in the Reporting Landscape (Presentation by  BSD) 
13:00h - How material is integrated reporting, and how integrated is materiality? (Presentation by Edoardo Gai, RobecoSAM)
13:30h - Avoiding the Reporting Trap with GLOBE-US - Creating Value from materiality (Presentation by Jan van der Kaaij, Finch & Beak)
14:00h - Exchange of best practices
14:30h - Wrap up and close 

Exclusive for invitees 

The Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich is an invitation only event. If you are interested in joining the event in Switzerland or if you have any further questions, please contact Nikkie Vinke at

Image by Wally Gobetz 

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