The Future Center opens in 2008

Creating the back bone of the most innovative future center in Europe
The Future Center opens in 2008
Publ. date 24 Sep 2007
The Future Center of the Dutch Ministry of Water Management and Transportation is opening its doors at the beginning of January 2008, and Finch & Beak is helping to prepare the staff for the challenge they as a group will face as the back bone of the most innovative future center in Europe.

Finch & Beak took the staff on an intense development program which is based on the principles of flow developed by professor Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. This is a process where the staff will be taken through a personal journey to discover their fullest potential and understand how to apply that to group work.

When people approach challenging physical and/or mental tasks requiring a high level of personal skill they not only enjoy the experience, they also stretch their capabilities and increase the likelihood that they will learn or achieve new and higher skill levels and increase their self esteem. This is essential if the core team of the Future Center is to perform at their best and set new standards in how to deal with the complex issues of transportation and water management.

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