Marleen Janssen Groesbeek

Associate Lean Reporting
Marleen Janssen Groesbeek
Publ. date 31 Aug 2016

I am an economist with a more than average interest in measuring values, which, according to economic theory, cannot be objectively valued.

Since December 2014 I am a professor of professional practice in sustainable finance and accounting at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I teach young and older financial professionals on the merits of integrated reporting and responsible investments, both inside and outside Avans.

Between 2013 and 2015 I was a member of DSM’s corporate team responsible for the integrated annual report. Currently I am project leader of Avans Integrated Report Team. In the last five years I have written several annual responsible investment reports for Dutch asset managers, among which MN and APG. I believe that organisations should use integrated reporting as a tool for improving business.

My motto is: Find the hidden treasures in your organisation through a broader vision on value creation and integrated reporting.

Something surprising about me

I am a volunteer at 9to3animation, an animation studio in Rotterdam that develops animation shorts for children.

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