Lars Gielen

Lars Gielen
Publ. date 9 Jan 2017

Motivated young professional with specific expertise in strategic management, circular economy and business model canvas. |

Although I first learned about sustainability in my Business Administration studies, it was during an internship at a South African non-profit organization that I practically worked on sustainability challenges. To obtain more specific knowledge on the topic and its concepts, and because I am strongly internationally oriented, I decided to study Sustainability Management in Switzerland. The field of sustainability becomes increasingly important in international business, and I love making a contribution to a better world for future generations.

My background:

  • MAM Sustainability Management, Gland, Switzerland
  • Intern/Volunteer working on a Strategic Business Plan for the expansion of the Nutrition Programme at the Pebbles Project in Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Master Strategic Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Bachelor Business Administration, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

You can call me for:
Business Model Canvas, Circular Economy and Sustainable Innovation.

Colleagues would describe me as:
Loyal, hard-working, honest, diplomatic, team player.


I have a passion for working on solutions for sustainability challenges that today’s businesses are facing. At Finch and Beak I put the things that I have learned from previous experiences into practice to accelerate sustainability in business.

Which book should everybody read?
Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson. A great example of the evolution and growth of one of the biggest companies in the world, largely through the leadership and vision of an individual.

Best advice I ever got
Before committing yourself to a full-time job, take time to study and explore the world.

Something surprising about me
A couple of years ago I participated in the Dutch television quiz Lingo. We reached the finals, but unfortunately did not win the jackpot. Also, I am a big fan of my local football team, NAC Breda.

What do I do in my spare time

  • Sports (Field Hockey, Squash, Golf)
  • Cooking
  • Travelling

Get in touch:

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