Case: Gamba's meet MBAs

Innovative approach to shrimp farming
Case: Gamba's meet MBAs
Publ. date 16 Oct 2007
Finch & Beak wrote a case for IMD about Happy Shrimp: a tropical shrimp farm in the Rotterdam harbor. In November 2007, 40 MBAs were introduced to a course on stakeholder management and product innovation. The case illustrates how successful sustainable entrepreneurship can be, the experiences of a young enterprise in terms of fast growth, and the role that stakeholder management can play.

Shrimp farming brings great ecological challenges, the most significant of which are epidemics among the shrimps and the breakdown of the mangrove forest. The recently established Happy Shrimp Farm is an exception. Happy Shrimp farms shrimps in the Rotterdam harbor via a co-siting system: a company positions itself next to another company to achieve economical and ecological advantages.

The shrimp farm lies on the river bank next to the energy company E.ON Benelux. With the residual heat and CO2 from this neighbour, optimal living conditions can be created for the shrimps. The fresh shrimps are bought by a number of the top restaurants in the Netherlands through Schmidt Zeevis, a specialized seafood wholesaler. The Happy Shrimp Farm really shows the advantages of co-siting: there are economical, ecological and even culinary advantages. The case illustrates that CSR and product innovation can go hand in hand and that green products do not have to be more expensive or of a lower quality.


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