Dow Jones Sustainability Index Readiness Assessment

Using the summer downtime effectively to analyze your DJSI strengths and weaknesses
Dow Jones Sustainability Index Readiness Assessment
Publ. date 15 May 2018
The summer months are an ideal time to reflect upon a busy start of the year and start planning ahead for 2019. When in full reporting mode, you may run out of time and come across issues in your Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) process that you are not able to deal with at that very moment. For those eager to plan ahead and looking to maximally benefit from your participation, we've developed a comprehensive Readiness Assessment for (future) participants of the DJSI.


Typically conducted during the summer, within a few working days Finch & Beak will work with your team to assess your sustainability program and DJSI submission process. Your result is a more effective approach that addresses bottlenecks and leverages success factors. The assessment’s objective is to come to an improved integration of ESG rating performance at a lower time investment with more impact to society.

Application areas

  • Improving the effectiveness of ESG benchmarking programs such as DJSI and CDP
  • Implementation of lean reporting initiatives
  • Cost saving programs

Target audience

  • Companies that have already participated in DJSI
  • CSR and Sustainability Directors
  • Investor Relations Managers


  • 4 weeks

Example deliverables

  • Short-term interventions for optimization
  • Change tactics for better collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Long-term process improvement


Are you looking to use your downtime for gaining insights on how you can improve your process next year? Contact Josée van der Hoek, Director, at or +31 6 28 02 18 80 to request an offer on our DJSI Services and start planning your summer.

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