Dow Jones Sustainability Index Readiness Assessment

Jumpstart for DJSI Rookies: Preparing for success on next year's DJSI
Dow Jones Sustainability Index Readiness Assessment
Publ. date 29 Nov 2020
ESG ratings are absorbing many resources. When in full reporting mode in Q1, you may run out of time and come across issues in your Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) process that you are not able to deal with at that very moment. For those eager to plan ahead and looking to maximally leverage their ESG performance, Finch & Beak developed a comprehensive Readiness Assessment for (future) participants of the DJSI and other ratings.


Customer case: First time participant increasing its DJSI-score with 20 points

Earlier this year, Finch & Beak supported one of its clients in the real estate sector in performing a DJSI Readiness Assessment. This company's board had recently given full commitment to its sustainability journey and due to an increase in market capitalization was now freshly invited for the Corporate Sustainability Assessment. In preparation for its first active participation, the company focused on achieving short-term improvements while identifying mid- and long-term actions as well.

Finch & Beak provided a hands-on summary of the findings of the analysis, indicating the company’s estimated ability to respond to the questions in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment for each criterion, based upon which the client further sharpened its approach. By implementing specific actions and making additional public disclosures, the company was able to improve its DJSI score by 20 points compared to the previous year, when it was assessed based exclusively on public information.

Key ingredients of the Readiness Assessment: Speed, limited internal resources and integrated gap analysis outcome

Within a few working days Finch & Beak uncovers your key gaps by working with your team to assess your sustainability program and ESG benchmark submission processes for CDP and DJSI. The result is a more effective approach that addresses bottlenecks and leverages success factors. The assessment’s objective is to come to an improved integration of ESG rating performance at a lower time investment for sustainability teams while increasing your company’s positive impact on society.

The Readiness Assessment is aimed at improving the effectiveness of your company’s ESG benchmarking efforts, reporting to ratings such as DJSI and CDP. In parallel, it can align with the implementation of lean reporting initiatives or cost saving programs.

In 4 weeks throughput time, Finch & Beak assesses the company’s current ability to respond to selected ESG rating(s) in terms of availability of data, policies, and supporting documentation, current level of transparency to meet public disclosure requirements and general awareness and management of the topics, such as human rights and supply chain management. The assessment is not depending heavily on your internal resources, so by the time your annual reporting activities come to an end, the readiness assessment will be ready to be implemented.

Deliverables include a gap analysis of status quo, overview of short-term interventions, proposed change tactics and organizational model for optimized internal engagement and long-term process improvements.


Are you looking to gain insights on how you can improve your ESG benchmarking process next year and what major gaps exist? Contact Josée van der Hoek, Director, at or +31 6 28 02 18 80 to request an offer and start working on improving your ESG results.

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