Embark on Your DJSI 2019 Journey with Confidence

Key insights from DJSI practitioners and experts
Embark on Your DJSI 2019 Journey with Confidence
Publ. date 28 Mar 2019
On the 7th of March 2019, Finch & Beak organized another successful edition of the DJSI Expert Training in collaboration with RobecoSAM. Global practitioners and experts on ESG benchmarking had the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with top-level DJSI peers. We have summarized key insights from that day.


1) Impact Measurement & Valuation

Impact valuation is a voluntary question in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment in 2019, however, RobecoSAM will reintroduce it in the future. The question goes beyond traditional sustainability reporting by evaluating externalities in a quantitative way or by converting them into monetary values (from inputs to outputs to impacts). Engaging with this question early on will allow companies to become a frontrunner in answering investor expectations. Furthermore, it will be a great way to gain insight into the impact of externalities.

2) The right approach to Climate Strategy

RobecoSAM identifies developing a climate strategy as a key driver in reducing company risk and increasing profitability. Lessons were learned from expert speaker Kaitlin Crouch-Hess from ING, a company with a bold climate ambition to steer its business towards the well-below 2-degrees goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, supported by objectives in operations, business, and society.

3) The importance of the Media and Stakeholder Analysis

RobecoSAM's Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA) evaluates the overall quality and effectiveness of the management’s response and transparency in different situations by looking at publicly available information. The increased DJSI score influence of MSA cases further raises the urgency to avoid controversies. 

4) Elevating Human Resource Management to a strategic business partner

Companies can elevate HRM to a strategic business partner by getting a grip on data. For example, being able to quantify company benefits from employee development programs proves to be one of the most challenging questions in the HR related criteria - as demonstrated by industry leader METRO. 

Getting ready for take-off

Incorporating key dates in internal planning and preparation will help companies to complete the CSA with confidence. We particularly recommend informing internal topic owners and read up on the methodology changes. Furthermore, the seven guiding principles from the book Winning Sustainability Strategies can lead companies in developing focus and executing change in the long term. If your organization is looking to improve its sustainability performance, please contact Josée van der Hoek, Director and DJSI expert at josee@finchandbeak.com or call +31 6 28 02 18 80. 

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