Tuesday June 4, 2019

The Future of Food Conference: London

In addition to an event in Chicago in May, the Innovation Forum's Future of Food Conference will also take place in London on the 4th-5th of June 2019. This two-day business conference will identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry. Specifically, the aims of this conference are to promote candid discussion between key stakeholder groups, highlight leading practices and the companies successfully implementing policies, showcase the latest technology solutions on the market and facilitate collaboration to further drive innovation and progress for the future of food production and consumption.

This year's Future of Food Conference takes place at the Inmarsat Conference Centre and focuses on trust, traceability, and transparency. Over 200 delegates representing corporates, NGOs, suppliers, traders, development agencies, investors, government bodies and other relevant organizations will come together to discuss how business can sustainably manage food systems to build supply chain resilience and deliver on customer expectations.

Four key themes are on the agenda:

  • Climate: Reduce GHG emissions, tackle climate change and drive climate resilience in your supply chain
  • Farms: Enable sustainable water usage, improved soil management and best practice animal welfare at farm-level
  • Consumers: Keep up with changing consumer demands and communicate your work effectively
  • Innovation: Explore the latest technologies that have the potential and scale to disrupt agricultural supply chains

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Aldo Uva, Chief Open Innovation Officer and COO, Ferrero
  • Jonathan Horrell, Director Sustainability, Mondelez International
  • Louise Nicholls, Corporate Head of Food Sustainability, Food Packaging and Human Rights, Marks and Spencer
  • Michael Alexander, Head of Water, Environment, Agriculture Sustainability, Diageo
  • Victoria Spadaro Grant, Chief Technology Officer, Barilla

More information about the agenda, speakers, and registration can be found here.

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