Team Acceleration with Change Pro©

Creating training programs with immediate impact
Team Acceleration with Change Pro©
Publ. date 31 Jul 2019
To accelerate performance on today's biggest sustainability challenges, understanding the key success factor to implement your sustainability program is crucial. As experienced trainers, Finch & Beak offers programs to maximize the impact and capture the highest value from sustainability. Since 2003, Finch & Beak has collaborated with world class business schools such as IMD Lausanne, INSEAD Singapore and SKOLKOVO Moscow for lecturing, coaching and case writing on the business value of sustainability.


We use these experiences to support teams with the implementation of change programs related to sustainability; for instance on sustainability and innovation, the action planning of CSR strategy and the acceleration of the non-financial reporting process. Finch & Beak is a certified facilitator of Change Pro©, a simulation tool that challenges groups of participants to efficiently and effectively implement a sustainability program. Please refer to the download for a detailed service description of the training program offered by Finch & Beak.

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Are you ready to start implementing and accelerating your sustainability program? Please contact Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner, at or +31 6 28 02 18 80 for more information and to find out how Finch & Beak's training programs can help your organization in maximizing impact.

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