Tomás Flora da Silva

Junior Consultant
Tomás Flora da Silva
Publ. date 7 Jan 2020

Young professional seeking to aid companies make a difference through sustainable approaches.

During my volunteering experience in Uganda, I had the opportunity to witness, on a tangible manner, the severe inequalities affecting our society, ultimately being reflected in our planet. From that moment on, I pursued a career that would enable me to make a difference, whether directly or indirectly involved. With that in mind, I seek to further the ideologies of a circular economy and waste reduction, by engaging with companies’ daily practices; incorporating both present and future concerns. Lengthening the life expectancies of companies and our environment, and strengthening their vivacity, are my main drivers at Finch & Beak.

My background:

  • Bachelor’s in International Economics & Management from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
  • Associate Consultant in the Milanese branch of 180Degrees Consulting; student based consulting services for non-profits, social enterprises
  • Thesis discussing Inclusion Technologies in Underdeveloped Areas – The Case of M-PESA
  • Master’s degree in Management, specialized in Digital Business
  • Bilingual Portuguese-English, Advanced level in Spanish & Intermediate level in Italian

Colleagues would describe me as:
Empathetic, detail-oriented, receptive to criticism, dedicated 

Which book should everybody read:
“The Power Of Now.” A Book that guides the reader on the best practices to live the present moments of one’s life at their fullest, with the intent of disregarding or undermining the heavy and stressful thoughts of both the past and the future.

Best advice I ever got:
Comfort is the enemy of progress. 

Something surprising about me:
I culminated my time in Uganda by bungee jumping in Jinja, the source of the River Nile.

What I do for fun:

  • Playing and watching football and rugby
  • Travelling and discovering new cultures and traditions
  • Having fun with my friends and family
  • Attending live music concerts

Get in touch:

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