Human Engagement Missing Link in Activating ESG Performance

Sneak preview of survey results on ESG ratings and sustainability activation
Human Engagement Missing Link in Activating ESG Performance
Publ. date 12 Nov 2021
Earlier this month, Finch & Beak conducted a business survey to explore the approach that companies are taking towards ESG ratings, and to find out how such ratings contribute to the successful activation of sustainability programs. As a winning sustainability strategy is increasingly important to create and maintain business value, participants shared insights into their tools and challenges for ESG activation.

The survey was conducted among sustainability managers, corporate communication departments and investor relations teams. Recipients were eager to respond, with 143 participants sharing their experiences. The outcomes of the survey will be presented during the ESG Acceleration Webinar on the 30th of November.

Human engagement as the missing link

A remarkable initial insight from the results is that there appears to be a human engagement gap in the respondents’ activation approach. When asked what tools companies deploy to drive their sustainability program, most companies report to have a multi-year roadmap (68%) as well as targets and KPIs (76%) to measure their performance. Direct contact with stakeholders such as supplier engagement (27%) and employee training (22%), on the other hand, are lagging far behind.

While objectives and roadmaps are important to set up a good structure, real activation requires a human touch to bring stakeholders such as employees and suppliers along, and achieve those objectives. Building and measuring a culture of sustainability, for example, can unlock change and enable the embedding of sustainability in the core of the business.

ESG Acceleration Webinar: Activating Your ESG Analysis

To spark a deeper discussion on this, Finch & Beak is organizing a webinar on the 30th of November (15:00 CET) in which we will present the full results from the survey. Next to human engagement, you can expect discussions on collecting and managing ESG data, managing your supply chain, and building a culture of sustainability.

Guest speaker Sam Khola, Director Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Liberty Global, will share his experience of driving the company's ESG program and results in a changing business, in close collaboration with internal stakeholders at corporate and market level.

Ready to act?

If you are looking to activate your ESG results and strengthen your sustainability program, feel free to get in contact with Josée van der Hoek, Director, via or +34 6 82 04 83 01. She is happy to discuss how Finch & Beak can support you.

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