SLR Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine

CEO Neil Penhall explains the SLR stance on the crisis in Ukraine
SLR Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine
Publ. date 12 Apr 2022
At SLR we are watching the unfolding situation in Ukraine with varying degrees of disbelief, concern, and sadness. The war that is unfolding there goes against basic human rights and values of decency, and is certainly at odds with the values that we stand for as a company.

Although SLR has very little exposure to Russian clients or projects, we are taking the developments in Ukraine very seriously. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will take appropriate measures to safeguard the interests of SLR and our various stakeholders. Very importantly, we are committed to taking appropriate action from an ethical perspective.

Measures that we have already put in place, or will be putting in place very shortly, include:

  • Stopping all projects involving travel to Russia and Ukraine until further notice.
  • Completing a review of existing clients to assess whether they are now subject to newly applied government sanctions, or have any interests or involvement in Russia, that would make it inappropriate for us to continue working for them.
  • Increasing the scrutiny on vetting of potential new clients to ensure that they are not subject to any government sanctions or have any interests in Russia that would make it inappropriate for us to work for them.
  • Undertaking a review of our suppliers to establish if any have involvement or interests in Russia that would merit ceasing trading with them.

In addition to the above, we are actively looking at how SLR can support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. We are currently investigating what organisations and charities we might support and also what mechanisms we might put in place so our staff can contribute to such initiatives if they would like to.

We will continue monitoring the situation carefully over the coming days and weeks as events unfold.

Written by Neil Penhall, Chief Executive Officer, SLR

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