IBM plans Dutch water research center

Flood forecasting and prediction modeling work
IBM plans Dutch water research center
Publ. date 4 Feb 2008
IBM plans to establish a water management research center in the Netherlands as part of its Big Green Innovations initiative. The research center will provide flood forecasting and prediction modeling work, as well as use IBM’s experience with smart sensors and serious gaming technology to build better modeling and simulation technologies.

The IBM Global Center of Excellence for Water Management in Amsterdam aims to help the company's public center customers develop prediction and protection systems for low-lying coastal areas and river deltas that are especially susceptible to negative impacts from climate change. The center will play a large role in the country's Flood Control 2015 water innovation program.

"The Dutch have more than 400 years of expertise and tradition in our struggle against water," said Arie Kraaijeveld, chairman of the Netherlands Water Partnership. "More than 55 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level and some 70 percent of our GDP is produced in this low-lying region. We have always had the need, the expertise and the national commitment to address this issue. Now we need to mobilize business, consultants and researchers to leverage knowledge and expertise available worldwide."

Source: Greenbiz

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