Wireless hippies revolution hits Denmark

Kaospilots promotes Wippies in order to go to Mumbai
Wireless hippies revolution hits Denmark
Publ. date 10 Mar 2008
Wippies is a fast growing community in Finland that shares hotspots for free wireless internet access. To introduce this concept to the Danish public and to increase awareness, 25 Kaospilots students from Malmö have been targetting the streets of Copenhagen. The money the students earned with this promotional action will enable them to go on a three months study trip to Mumbai, India.

Wippies was launched in 2007 by Finland’s leading telecommunication company Elisa. The company provides a free wireless router for every member of the network. The router provides the user with wireless internet access while at the same time providing a free hot spot for other members of the network. In that way, the user shares his connection with all other members of the Wippies community. In Finland and Sweden the members now have access to more than 10.000 hot spots. Norway, Estonia and Spain will be the next countries to join the Wirevolution.

As part of the preparation for the Kaospilots trip to Mumbai, Finch & Beak (one of Kaospilots flight facilitators) recently held a one day training session for the students on Corporate Social Responsibility and the application of CSR in the Indian market. The students were taught with real live corporate cases and had to solve the creative challenge of developing the business case for a start up in India. They had to focus on building health clinics for truck drivers to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

For more information about executive education in Corporate Social Responsibility, please contact Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner, at jan@finchandbeak.com or call +31 (0)76 522 28 17.

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