From risk management towards sustainable innovation

Ten tips on how to be innovative on sustainability
From risk management towards sustainable innovation
Publ. date 10 Mar 2008
In the report ‘A New Mindset for Corporate Sustainability’ an international group of academics provide tips on successful CSR. The recommendations are based on real life case studies. Organisations that wish to grow profitably in the future must focus their efforts to benefit both shareholders, society and the environment simultaneously. Organisations that only focus on one field, jeopardize the long term profitability of their business. By focusing on CSR, companies can innovate, differentiate and be successful.

Academics from respected universities in China, Singapore, Spain, the UK and the USA contributed on this report which was sponsored by Cisco and Britisch Telecom. It contains 10 steps which organizations can take to innovate on CSR:

  1. Make innovating for sustainability a part of your company’s vision
  2. Formulate a strategy with sustainability at its heart
  3. Embed sustainability in every part of your business
  4. Walk the talk: emphasize actions, not words
  5. Set up a body at the board level with the power to make sustainability matter
  6. Set firm rules
  7. Bring your stakeholders on board
  8. Use people power
  9. Join the networks
  10. Think beyond reporting: align all business systems with the company’s vision of sustainability

Please download the whitepaper (.pdf) A New Mindset for Corporate Sustainability.

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