Nintendo hopes to game its way towards more environmental friendliness

Games can be powerful change agents in CSR programs
Nintendo hopes to game its way towards more environmental friendliness
Publ. date 14 Mar 2008
Our personal attitude is maybe the most important factor in the strive towards more environmental responsibility – and the hardest to change. Computer games which integrate play and learning might help us towards better understanding and concern about the environment. “Eco Creatures: Save the Forest” is one of Nintendo’s newest games for their handheld Nintendo DS. So far the game has only been released in Japan, but plans are to release soon in North America.

In Nintendo’s universe Dorian, a fruit looking hero, has started to notice that everything is not as it is supposed to be in the forest where he lives. Pollution from the industry is destroying the eco-system, and he is not the only one who has noticed. An army of squirrels joins Dorian in the fight for the environment. On their own, the inhabitants of the forest are too weak to affect the development, but together they stand strong and everything is possible. Nintendo has created 40 different missions for this game towards environmental sustainability.

Finch & Beak has developed several games and interactive case studies for executives on CSR. In the booklet ‘You, into the world of corporate social responsibility’, published by Finch & Beak, Jan van der Kaaij argues that games can be powerful change agents in sustainability programs. But only if they’re used in combination with other, more long lasting communication methods such as a secondment programme for employees.

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Source: Nintendo


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