Green to become the new fashion colour

Puma and Levi's defining 'green' as hot
Green to become the new fashion colour
Publ. date 23 Apr 2009
On Wednesday April 1st, consumer researcher GfK Panel Services organised the annual Fashion Conference 2009 for producers and retailers with the theme “Fairplay in Fashion”. From the presentations by amongst others Bjorn Borg, Puma and Levi’s it is showed that in fashion sustainability is becoming an increasingly hot topic.

Structural approach

Levi’s emphasized that authenticity and honesty of the brand play a central role within the organisation. In this Levi’s discriminates between aesthetic authenticity (old school) and emotional authenticity (modern version). According to internal research by Levi’s the meaning of honesty for their customers is expressed in the absence of child labour, no animal testing, ecologically responsible behaviour, tangible contributions to relevant charities and transparency in mistakes that have been made. Step-by-step Levi’s is reshaping its entire supply chain without excessive external communication.

Usage of bio cotton

Also the usage of bio cotton is being adopted by more and more brands. In this light Bijenkorf recently launched its “green line” in mimicry of H&M, Hema and C&A, which already have an ecological line. The retailers offer their responsible clothing for regular prices. Aside from that more progressive innovations are being developed such as Laladoo, which was launched on April 17th; a new contemporary baby brand which is characterized by Dutch Design, high quality and, on top of that, fully grounded in the Cradle to Cradle philosophy.

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