Obesity not an issue for the Dutch

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Obesity not an issue for the Dutch
Publ. date 23 Apr 2009
The World Health Organization predicts over 2.3 billion adults with overweight and over 700 million obese people in 2015. In general, the Dutch do not (yet) perceive this as a problem. Regardless of its direct relation to life threatening ailments such as heart failures and diabetes, the battle with overweight is considered to be the least important societal issue.

This follows from a research by Gfk Panel Services Benelux and Finch & Beak, in which 2,775 Dutch people have been asked to select a top 3 out of 28 societal issues.

The Dutch perceives the battle against hunger and poverty with 32% by far as the most important societal issue. With 26% stewardship shares the second place with promoting health. Dimensions that have been judged as least important are the battle against overweight and the stimulation animal welfare.Women and men value different topics. In general it can be said that men value more the ‘Planet’ related dimensions, with women putting more emphasis on the ‘People’ oriented dimensions.

About the Social Responsibility Scan
Global market leader in panel-based consumer research GfK and Finch & Beak have concentrated their strengths in the Social Responsibility Scan. This scan helps B-to-C brands to enhance the effectiveness of their CSR strategy.

The purpose of the Social Responsibility Scan is:
1.     To identify those aspects of sustainability that are important to your brand.
2.     To gain insight in the current social responsibility performance.
3.     To provide a more reliable basis for selection of relevant NGO’s to cooperate with.
4.     To enhance brand loyalty.

The research provides concrete handles to effectively focus on the right societal issues for the appropriate target groups. The final result is an improvement of the effectiveness of your CSR strategy, increased brand loyalty, and attraction of new client groups.

For more information on the Social Responsibility Scan please contact Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner of Finch & Beak, via jan@finchandbeak.com or +31 6 28 02 18 80.

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