Social housing corporations invest firmly in sustainability

Sector addresses sustainability with improvement potential for communication
Social housing corporations invest firmly in sustainability
Publ. date 28 May 2009
Rising energy prices cause housing costs to rise substantially. This also severely affects the social housing market, for rent and energy costs comprise a considerable part of the spendable budget of the inhabitant. In order to battle these rising energy costs a new Dutch program was initiated called Social Housing Corporations and Energy Saving.

Energy Knowledge Center

Initiator for this project is the Energy Knowledge Center, which researches the transition from old energy sources toward new sustainable energy and its side effects. Two of the key topics that are to be explored within the program are monitoring of energy savings and in- and external communication around this theme.

Golden Green Award

Competition amongst social housing corporations is also being fueled. Last May project development Gerbrandy in Middelburg, owned by Woonzorg Nederland, was awarded the Building Business Golden Green Award 2009. According to the jury the complex was built very sustainably which showed also in their lower Energy Performance coefficient, solar energy collectors and a special system for heating and cooling.

Communication social housing corporation on sustainability inadequate

Over 2008 the Dutch housing corporation sector spent €222 million on energy saving methods. This significant investment is nonetheless hardly visible in the online communication of corporations about sustainability. This is one of the conclusions from research conducted by Finch & Beak. Close to a quarter of de websites (24%) does not offer any sustainability related information at all and only 38% of the corporations informs their tenants by giving practical advice on how to save energy, such as the use of energy saving light bulbs and washing with a full drum.



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