Key Trends in Fair Fashion

Long term sustainability developments in the supply chain
Key Trends in Fair Fashion
Publ. date 28 May 2009
More and more retail chains and fashion brands like Replay, H&M, Zara en Mango are launching bio- or fair-trade product lines. A brand like Bata introduced ECO-FIT shoes that are partially produced from corn. Excellent developments but what are the anticipated longer term sustainability developments in the supply chain of this trendy industry?

Six trends in sustainable fashion

Based on the world famous Trendwatching report, dating from May 2009, six key trends in fair fashion can be distinguised: 

1 Society. A more intensive interdisciplinary collaboration will emerge. Science, business and designers are working together on topics such as innovative raw materials and new forms of social entrepreneurship.

2 Rationalization. Designers will look for new application areas of waste streams such as shoes from recycled leather and bags from recollected plastic.  

3 Stories. Work and products have an emotional value that needs to be communicated in the form of stories. Important for the authenticity of the brand.

4 Personal design. Consumers are looking for variation and diversity and we aim to make a unique statement. This requires shaping and adapting the design to your own taste, your own identity.

5. Perkonomics. Rewarding the green behavior of your customers

6 Slow production. The 'slow'-trend will expand towards the production of fashion. Slow is a form of sustainability indicative of quality.

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