IMD’s Open Forum September 2009

Sustainability strategy: Keeping on track during a crisis
IMD’s Open Forum September 2009
Publ. date 15 Jul 2009
The Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) is the IMD applied research centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and a business partner of Finch & Beak. Their focus is on working with companies to embed social and environmental sustainability strategies in organizations.

CSM runs three forums a year for its members, one of which is open for non-member companies. Therefore IMD would like to invite companies to attend the forthcoming Open Forum which will focus on staying “on strategy”, and even strengthening sustainability strategy during the crisis.

As part of the program some of IMD’s faculty will contribute to this forum since one of CSM’s ambitions is to promote its' thought leadership on corporate sustainability. The emphasis in forums is on the take home value for corporate executives, and so the reasons why one should attend this meeting are obvious.

Who should attend: Managers involved in corporate sustainability management, environment, health & safety, corporate social responsibility, strategy, HR, marketing and supply chain management from companies across all sectors.
The forum took place on Thursday September 17 and Friday September 18, 2009. For more information, please contact

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