Sustainable Asset Management
Publ. date 1 Sep 2016
RobecoSAM is an investment group focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing. The firm’s offering comprises asset management, indices, engagement, voting, impact analysis, sustainability assessments, and benchmarking services. Its asset management capabilities cater to institutional asset owners and financial intermediaries to cover a range of ESG-integrated investments in private and public equity. In collaboration with S&P Dow Jones Indices, RobecoSAM annually organizes the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI): an ESG analysis of the corporate sustainability performance of more than 3,000 listed companies.

Since 2007, Finch & Beak closely collaborates with RobecoSAM with its index activities, and has helped numerous companies in diverse industries to improve their sustainability performance significantly in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, by providing guidance in the corporate assessment process. Eligble companies that participate in the annual assessment are invited to fill out an online questionnaire featuring 100 questions on economic, environmental and social issues with a focus on industry-specific criteria. Each criteria has an impact on the business its ability to generate long-term value. 

RobecoSAM's says: "We believe that financial analysis is not complete if it ignores material non-financials. The Corporate Sustainability Assessment is RobecoSAM's main tool for identifying companies that are better equipped to identify and respond to emerging opportunities and risks resulting from sustainability."

At Finch & Beak, we believe that the DJSI is an effective tool to create internal urgency, to raise the bar for corporate sustainability performance, to align sustainability efforts, and to communicate about success (sustainablity leadership) towards shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. 

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