Growing with the oars one has - by Paul-Peter Feld
Publ. date 17 Dec 2009
Times are changing. Technological development, sustainability consciousness, and globalization are important ‘shapers’ of the new reality. This new reality also leads up more and more to an organizational new style: the open and breathing organization. A network organization which continuously renews itself, is nimble, and organizes itself based on the talent, the passion and the qualities of people. This diversity is an important departure point for value creation.


People determine the progress, growth, and success of the organization. The talent, the passion and the qualities of these people flourish most in their collaboration with others. Meaningful relationships between people are for that reason a determining factor in the creation of growth and social capital. Inspiration, mobilization, appreciation, and reflection are important pillars that give substance to the relationship. 

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group (2008) talent management is a top priority within organizations. Remarkable in that sense is to note that we are already debating about talent management in organizations for over 10 years without being able to successfully address this. A comparable research by McKinsey (2008) indicates that a lack of investment in “High Quality Time” and the commitment to personal development of people are important reasons for this.
Sincere attention is at the base to (further) nourish the talents and passion of people and to connect them. Without personal growth, there is no organizational growth. Can you imagine how much sustainable energy can be triggered solely through passion? How to discover the ‘unknown’ potential? And how to then release that? The message for 2010 is: growing with the oars you have. Talent + passion = sustainable energy and advantage.

Paul-Peter Feld is Director Human Resources & Organization at Xerox (The Netherlands) B.V.  and author of the book HR 3.0

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