Real-time reviews

Instant product footprints through technology and internet tribunals
Real-time reviews
Publ. date 17 Dec 2009
In food retailing the labeling of CO2 impact on product level is emerging. Increasingly retailers are following the example of frontrunners such as Tesco to indicate the footprint per product on the packaging. For fashion retailing and related industries it is to be expected that the same level of transparency will be required within the coming years.


Tools and methods that assist organizations in transforming business toward sustainability are in rapid development. A technology that has the potential to boost transparency is RFID. By using RFID consumers can use their cell phone to spot in an instant the distance travelled of the materials, the energy used to produce the product and NGO feedback on the social fairness of the process. Already there is a RFID product on the market that informs customers about the country of origin and the quality of the fabric. It informs users on the clothing that people are fitting in a store.

Internet Tribunal

As a result of this development the jungle of eco-labels will not be sustained. Clarity in product claims is a crucial step towards transparency and to promote growth in the eco-market. Another development that diminishes the effect of eco-labels is the increased voice of the self-informed consumer, especially under the influence of Web 2.0. Numerous websites are becoming available that act as an internet tribunal. And it is not only product reviews that take place. Entire CSR policies and sustainability strategies of brands are reviewed and compared. Simple tools are used to allow consumers, businesses, and organizations to add, discuss, and vote to help build transparency. Examples of such internet tribunals are, and

Green Pull

As President and CEO Jeffrey Swartz of Timberland recently stated:  "If you are going to do eco-labelling, you have to do it right and not just as a marketing exercise...I do think that eventually consumers will demand -and companies will be forced to provide- this level of transparency." The Green pull is here to stay.

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