MADE-BY: fashion is not for followers

An outlook to the fashion industry of 2015
MADE-BY: fashion is not for followers
Publ. date 18 Dec 2009
The fashion industry embraces CSR. On the occasion of MADE-BY’s 5th anniversary Finch & Beak, together with GfK Panel Services, Solidaridad and MADE-BY presents a 10-minute guide with an outlook to the fashion industry of 2015.

Transparency, Awareness & Impact

The increased attention for corporate social responsibility will have caused changes in the way clothing is designed, produced, sold and used. Increased transparency and consumer awareness are the foremost changes to be seen over the coming years, impacting the way business is done. The 10-minute guide includes a set of five questions that can trigger a more proactive approach to CSR within your own organization, preparing the ground for 2015:

  • How transparent is your business compared to your main rivals?
  • Are you forging alliances to develop new products that are more sustainable?
  • What innovation initiatives are you launching to enhance the footprint of your operations?
  • Are you factoring in the increased consumer awareness in your CSR-efforts?
  • Are you avoiding the seven sins of greenwashing?

Sustainable Business Principles

By 2015 a distinct group of brands will have gained a growing market share through their contribution to sector sustainability. These organizations are characterized by a set of business principles that set them apart from the traditional, more unsustainable players. Not just companies but entire supply chains will compete, on multiple level value creation: People, Planet, Profit. This will lead to the increased importance of supply chain optimization and the requirement of smart logistics.

Breakthrough of Eco-fashion

Eco-fashion will gain traction, due to additional experience in delivering top-quality products and eco-effective solutions as well as a stable and sufficient supply of organic cotton. Upcoming green consumer activism will create a further pull for sustainable products. In the past sustainability was dealt with defensively by most organizations. As it reaches the stage of maturity, sustainability becomes the driver for innovation in fashion. 

Finch & Beak wrote the 10-minute guide ‘Fashion is not for followers’ on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of MADE-BY. For more information or to order the ten-minute guide feel free to contact Jan van der Kaaij via or +31 76 522 28 17

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