What will sustainable commuting look like in the Netherlands?

The launch of the Ecomobiel Monitor
What will sustainable commuting look like in the Netherlands? What will sustainable commuting look like in the Netherlands?
Publ. date 20 Sep 2010
In order to gain more information on consumer behavior in relation to sustainable mobility, Finch & Beak and GFK Panel Services Benelux started a continuous research on this subject. By monitoring this behavior every six months, more information is generated on the sustainable who, what, where and why of the people in the Netherlands. The research does not focus solely on the various types of fuel, but includes also subjects such as new working behavior. In the first research, which starts in October, the following companies will participate: Opel, VW, Toyota, DELTA Energy and Rijkswaterstaat.

The national government expects that in the year 2020, there will be 200.000 electric cars in the Netherlands. In the following five years, this number will grow to approximately one million. This means that the market will change drastically and high investments are needed. However, the attitudes and behavior of the Dutch consumer towards this subject are limited. The market approach is mainly inside-out: Does the consumer wants to change their behavior towards sustainable mobility? And under what conditions?

The Ecomobiel Monitor delivers excellent insight into the market and this helps to make investments as efficient as possible. For instance, the first quickscan of 10.000 people, initiated by the GFK-panel, indicated that 2 of the 3 people in the Netherlands have a positive attitude towards the purchase of an electric car. Mainly, the entrepreneurs and people who are already driving a hybrid car are willing to buy an electric car.

The Ecomobiel Monitor supports energy companies, local- and regional governments in investing in for instance recharging stations on the right locations.

Concluding, The Ecomobiel Monitor offers:
-          Efficient budget- and investment planning
-          The creation of a ‘sense of urgency’
-          A better insight into the attitudes and behavior of the sustainable- and non-sustainable consumer.

Please visit www.mobilityweek.eu for further information on the European Mobility week.

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