From energy policies towards sustainability

Quickscan gives insight in the opportunities for Talis
From energy policies towards sustainability
Publ. date 17 Nov 2010
Energy saving is for many years now a hot issue for the housing sector. The urgency of this theme is acknowledged by the housing sector. Even though the sector is aware of the relevance of energy savings and green energy, the consumer is still struggling with this topic. Consumers do not know how much they pay for energy and the increase in energy costs are at this moment still not visible and tangible for the tenants.

Quickscan on sustainability for the housing corporations
Finch & Beak developed an instrument to give insight in the position of the housing corporation regarding their policy on sustainability. In this scan there is special attention for three key areas: Internal corporate strategy, behavior of the tenants and the availability of houses. Familiar topics such as energy labels and implementations to save energy are addressed and extra information is given about the purchase policy of the organization, stakeholder management and mobility.

The evaluation of the energy policy of Talis as a starting point for sustainability
The policy of many corporations is at this moment mainly focused on energy saving and does not pay a lot of attention to sustainability. Finch & Beak evaluated the energy policy of Talis in Nijmegen and executed the Sustainability Quickscan at this corporation. Based on the outcomes, there seems to be a large potential for sustainability opportunities by involving the employees and other stakeholders.

Another possibility is a connection with corporate social responsibility. Talis is convinced that a comfortable house is THE basis for a happy and independent life and therefore the company support people with a mental, physical, financial or social limitation. In order to achieve this, Talis closely co-operates with municipalities, social institutions and the residents themselves. This will also be the starting point for the policy on sustainability for the coming years.  
Management presentation as instrument for prioritization
The Quickscan emphasizes the possibilities for a corporation relative to their strategy and ambitions. Results within 6 weeks give a clear overview of the current status and the possible opportunities. This makes sure that choices can be made on a strategic and operational level in order to maximize the results on cost savings, customer satisfaction and reputation. The output of the analysis is a management presentation to set priorities in the MT.
For more information on the Sustainability Quickscan for housing corporations, please contact Josée van der Hoek, Senior Consultant Finch & Beak via or +31 6 28 02 18 80.

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