Electric Vehicles in the Sixth Gear

Establishing stakeholder coalitions accelerates the market for sustainable mobility
Electric Vehicles in the Sixth Gear
Publ. date 4 Apr 2011
Electric vehicles are a growing industry. The Dutch prince Maurits is promoting electric cars together with the Formula E-team. Large automotive companies such as Renault, Nissan and Tesla are delivering electric cars on a large scale and this makes sustainable mobility more tangible for consumers, public and private sector.

The main question here is if the market is ready for driving electric cars? Finch & Beak and GFK Panel Services initiated the Ecomobiel Monitor. The Ecomobiel Monitor is an extensive research on mobility issues under 10.000 people in the Netherlands. According to the results, the market can be segmented to the group of consumers that are interested in electric vehicles. 9% of the respondents sees itself as innovator and another 20% is early adopter. In many cases, these groups consist of educated, entrepreneurial people that care for the environment.

Also companies are looking for an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by using sustainable mobility. Innovation and environmental awareness are key issues that can lead to more consumer commitment, increased brand reputation and more cost savings.

In order to actually accelerate the market, frontrunners need to be united in a stakeholder coalition that lead to successful implementation of sustainable mobility. This creates visibility towards a tipping point where sustainable mobility is embraced by the mass.

TNT and citylogistics

There are plenty examples of successful coalitions. TNT initiated the citylogistics program in Milan to transport the goods from and to fashion store Gucci with electric Iveco’s. In Brussels, TNT created a coalition with the municipality and Ecopostale to deliver mail using special ‘mailbikes’ instead of polluting cars.

Finch & Beak connects frontrunners and helps to establish successful coalitions that consists of different stakeholders from the public- and private sector. In a short time period, Finch & Beak helps to realize effective solutions. For more information on the development of successful stakeholder coalitions in relation to sustainable mobility, please contact Josée van der Hoek, senior consultant, at josee@finchandbeak.com or call +31 76 522 28 17.   

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