Corporate reputation as indicator of success

Benchmark reveals stakeholders’ perception of the organization
Corporate reputation as indicator of success
Publ. date 8 Feb 2012
A solid corporate reputation brings many benefits to the organization. Premium pricing and easier attraction of capital and talented employees are just a few of those benefits. In short: it pays off to invest in your reputation. Therefore, it is important to know where you stand with your organization, and in which areas you can make progress.

Corporate reputation research

Based on scientific research on corporate reputation, the RepTrak model was developed. The model measures corporate reputation based on the following drivers: products/services, innovation, employer, governance, citizenship, leadership, and performance. Next to those, the model looks at the trust, esteem, admiration, and good feelings stakeholders hold towards the organization. Results are an overview of absolute scores and a comparison with competitors within the industry. By tackling corporate issues, making  effective use of stakeholder management and accelerating sustainability, corporate reputations can often improve considerably in a short period of time.

Benchmarks as catalyst for change

Benchmarks such as RepTrak can ensure change within the organizations is achieved more quickly. Due to quantitative and tangible results, the organizations gains insight into its performance and development.


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