A Creative Hiking Experience in Spain

Reinforce group identity and create responsible leadership
A Creative Hiking Experience in Spain
Publ. date 27 Jun 2012
Mountain landscapes have always been recognized as the perfect spot to go when our body needs to reconnect with nature as they enable us to get into a relaxed state-of-mind. From the city of Barcelona, it is a short trip to the beautiful Pyrenees mountains. In these mountains it is now possible for leaders and their teams to re-energize. The Creative Hiking Experience is an effective and sustainable method for facilitating the effective implementation of deep organizational transformation.

A case study:  Ficosa (solving transformational challenges in companies)

The international automotive company Ficosa International employs over 6.000 employees in 40 different countries. The company is currently facing an important organizational tranformation and its related challenges as a consequence of its internalization process. In order to explore new ways of thinking and to integrate organizational strategies with people development intiatives, the executive team of Ficosa participated in a "Team Energy" process. The process took place during a Creative Hiking session in the Pyrenees that was facilitated and developed by Pinea3, an international consulting firm specialised in organisational-, leadership- and team development.

The benefits of the Team Energy process

Based on the concept that every team has his own energy and that managing that energy is the key-point for the future in the Human Resources field, re-energizations are especially useful and beneficial.   Some of the benefits of the Team Energy Process are:
•       Aligning team objectives with strategic goals and corporate vision
•       Increasing the motivation and individual commitment of its members
•       Reducing destructive conflict and emotional stress. To improve well being
•       Bonding the team, increase cooperation and improve communication
•       Improving creativity, innovation and group decision making.

Another benefit of the Creative Hiking Experience is that executive teams are gathered around a new vision or a new strategy. Through an off-site program of self-knowledge, group identity is reinforced and cooperation is enhanced.

At the end of the Team Energy process which initiated with the Creative Hiking Experience- , the CEO of Ficosa USA, Joan Cañellas, said: “I have experienced how working with Pinea3 has provided us with the development of a new efficient and more conscious leadership. This work, received by more than 30 of our managers in the south of Europe, has given us a new shared vision at an organizational level as well as personal growth which has strengthened us as a real team. Today we can say that we are a more powerful and aligned team in all respects, clearly better prepared to face actual and future challenges.”

Based upon this positive experience, Finch & Beak participated in a Team Energy workshop in Barcelona and is partnering with Pinea3 to share knowledge and exchange ideas. For more information on organizational-, leadership- or team development please contact Xavier Tarré from the Pinea3 team via xavier.tarre@pinea3.com or visit www.pinea3.com.

Author: Xavier Tarré, Managing Director Pinea3

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