Fit for ISO 26000? Do the Test and Find out

Conduct the One-Day-Fitness-Test
Fit for ISO 26000? Do the Test and Find out
Publ. date 27 Jun 2012
ISO 26000 was introduced by the end of 2010 and is an international guideline that supports organizations in the implementation of CSR. The ISO 26000 scope clearly states that it is meant as a guideline, not as a management system standard or for certification purposes. Companies are using ISO 26000 to define the value from sustainability and to put sustainability into practice.

Every organization is unique and starts from a different position, which is why Finch & Beak introduces the ISO 26000 One-Day Fitness-Test. The One-Day Fitness-Test helps to get a clear overview of the company’s current position and provides insight in the right implementation approach for ISO 26000 in your company. 

Seven main topics of ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is structured around seven key topics. Because every company has its own CSR approach, the seven topics provide a framework for defining the material issues per organization. Every organization needs to define these issues for themselves and for their stakeholders (see also the adjoined article  "Unfolding the Materiality Matrix" ). The following key topics are pivotal to  ISO 26000:

1. Organizational governance
2. Human rights
3. Labour practices
4. The environment
5. Fair operating practices
6. Consumer issues
7. Community involvement and development

In addition to these material issues, awareness is created for sustainability in a broader sense, including stakeholder analysis and governance. The governance around CSR deals with subjects such as codes of conduct, transparency and accountability. Last but not least, ISO 26000 draws attention to the biggest single point of failure: integrating CSR into the existing company strategy and processes. 

For more information on conducting the ISO 26000 Fitness Test for your organization, please contact Jan van der Kaaij, Managing Partner Finch & Beak via or +31 6 28 02 18 80.

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