Report for Impact

Lean reporting with maximum effect
Report for Impact
Publ. date 1 Sep 2016


The increasing hunger for ESG information from investors and institutions is more and more burdening companies. Reporting activities take up much time at the cost of generating real impact. Meanwhile, research continues to show that it is not the overall sustainability profile that is driving long-term company value, but a focused approach on the organization’s most material topics.

We help companies avoid the reporting trap by focusing on the issues that are vital for both company and society, by choosing the right benchmarks, and through efficient ways of reporting. The result are effective, “investor-proof” strategies that leave resources available to make real impact. Our approach mostly has a return of less than 12 months.

How we help you make a difference:

  • Optimizing reporting approach
  • Lean reporting facilitation
  • Support on benchmarks: Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CDP, Vigeo and FTSE4Good and others
  • Materiality matrix development
  • Periodic materiality updating
  • Program management and implementation

Turning reporting efforts into stakeholder value

If reporting is increasingly restraining your calendar, we can help you to put more focus and get more value out of your efforts. We deliver effective sustainability reporting and benchmarking support, ranging from screening your current approach to turnkey project management. Contact Josée van der Hoek, director, at or +31 76 522 28 17 to find out how Finch & Beak can help you make more impact with less effort.

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