On Authenticity: Is It True Love between the Octopus and the Frog?

Case: Chiquita's stakeholder engagement challenge
On Authenticity: Is It True Love between the Octopus and the Frog?
Publ. date 16 Aug 2013
Chiquita had a doubtful reputation. But after partnering for many years, Chiquita and Rainforest Alliance signed a co-branding agreement. In Switzerland, this initiative lead to an open letter of over 10 NGO's that questioned Chiquita's authenticity and, as a result, pulling back the advertising campaign.


Stakeholder communication as the foundation for credibility

In collaboration with Senem Wicki of Credit Suisse, Finch & Beak' managing partner Jan van der Kaaij wrote an article on the importance of communicating structurally with stakeholders, and avoiding major changes of direction. (Too) prominently claiming results in the field of corporate social responsibility  may have negative effects and lead to fierce reactions from stakeholders.

In this article, the negative effects are mentioned and tips are provided to avoid to so-called "authenticity gap". The article is available in the download section in the left column of this page. The article originally appeared in the December 2007 edition of Corporate Reputation Review, a leading international magazine in the field of corporate communications.


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