Finch & Beak and TNT in BNR Duurzaam

Case for Change vital for success sustainability
Finch & Beak and TNT in BNR Duurzaam
Publ. date 14 Oct 2013
How do you make sure your sustainability strategy comes alive in all layers of the organization? Finch & Beak' change management workshop Change Pro® delivered new insights to TNT. At its core is the motivation and involvement of managers and employees with a core message that is aligned with their goals and reality. This often happens from the enthousiasm of the Green Team, which talks passionately about the topic, but too much from their own world.

Informal netwerks key to sustainable change

In the interview for the Dutch radio program 'BNR Duurzaam', Carin ten Hage of TNT discusses how Finch & Beak helped her and her team to make the change towards sustainability within TNT more effective. The role of informal networking -the internal entrepreneurship- is what she calls crucial. It's also important to maintain the positive energy within your team: "Work with the living, don't try to raise the dead."

About ChangePro

ChangePro® is a learning tool designed to help managers increase their insight in change processes. The tool is globally used by companies such as Xerox, KLM Air France and Vodafone to train employees in change management and uses several management styles, informal networks and success factors to influence knowledge, attitude and behavior. Sustainability can only succeed when it is embedded within the own organization, and therefore has everything to do with successfull change management.

How does Change Pro® work?

Participants receive the assignment from the head office to implement the sustainability strategy within the organization. They can choose from 25 tactics to make sure as many of the 24 managers are 'convinced' and positive about the change process within 120 days. The feedback after every action combined with the logbook provides the participants with practical lessions they can apply in their everyday work.

The full interview with Jan en Carin (.mp3) is available in the download section at the bottom lefthand corner of this article. 

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