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Winning sustainability strategies are characterized by clear choices on where to focus (direction) and a persistent, rapid execution (speed). At Finch & Beak we support companies by designing and implementing sustainability strategies that are directly connected to the company’s must-win-battles. We immediately make them actionable through the development of roadmaps, communications and well-prioritized actions.

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Results of Sustainable Golf Index announced

Finch & Beak has revealed today the results of the first Sustainable Golf Index, which measures the perceived sustainability of European professional golf tournaments. Holland’s KLM Open, an official tournament on the PGA European Tour, scored 62.9% to top the index.

The Future of Golf Tournaments is Sustainable

Electric mobility, organic food products and clean energy are initiatives that are implemented more and more at major sport events. Also the golf industry is changing. International golf tournaments are feeling increasing pressure from corporate sponsors, media and consumers to become more sustainable. And from previous research by Finch & Beak on the KLM Open it became apparent that sponsors and visitors are looking for tangible proof.

The Sustainable Golf Index

Electric vehicles, biological catering and sustainable energy: some of the initiatives that are applied more and more at major sport events. Also the golf industry is in transition. International golf tournaments are feeling increasing pressure from sponsors and consumers to become more sustainable. Therefore, Finch & Beak started an in-depth benchmark analysis of sustainability at international top golf tournaments.

Quickscan sustainable events

The demand for sustainable development is increasing. Not only the new generation is more aware of sustainability, also event sponsors are lining up to link the company’s name to a sustainable event. This makes sustainability a topic that is high on the agenda of every event organiser. Therefore, the question arises: How to become a sustainable event? How to go beyond the Fair Trade coffee and LED technology and create extra value for your event?

Sustainable mobility as business strategy

Why is it that employees are not allowed to work at home? Some work activities cannot be done at home, but other activities can. 13% of the Dutch employees indicate that they prefer to work at home, while 81% of these people are not allowed to by their bosses!

Shaggin’ Sheep

KPN lost an important procurement contract from the government to their rival Tele2. The OT2010 contract from the government has a maximum value of €120 million and assures the establishing of telecommunications at 200 governmental institutions. KPN asked their own network company for lower pricing rates and these rates were communicated to the competitors one hour before the deadline of the procurement contract. KPN won the contract and the competitors were astonished.
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From energy policies towards sustainability

Energy saving is for many years now a hot issue for the housing sector. The urgency of this theme is acknowledged by the housing sector. Even though the sector is aware of the relevance of energy savings and green energy, the consumer is still struggling with this topic. Consumers do not know how much they pay for energy and the increase in energy costs are at this moment still not visible and tangible for the tenants.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2010: AkzoNobel and Philips not the green leaders

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) indicates for many years now the governance, environmental and social performance of multinationals listed on the Dow Jones. This makes the DJSI the benchmark for sustainable development at large companies. The index is a ‘best in class rating’ that creates a sense of urgency to focus on sustainability and stimulates a competitive environment.

2010: International Year of Biodiversity!

There are approximately 4 million life species known on our planet and the total amount is an estimated 40 million species. This enormous diversity in life is under pressure due to several factors. Through the influence of us humans are at this moment a large number of species on the verge of extinction. The UN therefore proclaimed the year 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

Eureka! Green Innovation According to Archimedes

One of the earliest attempts to open innovation and “crowdsourcing” is, without any doubt, by Archimedes when he asked his audience: “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world!” Unfortunately he did not manage to find the proper lever but his design principles were valid nonetheless. And he tried to move the world without putting a licensing structure on his idea in advance; something that is more and more often successfully applied in the field of open innovation. Partly as a result of this, new innovative companies can emerge and virtual monopolies can be broken as Microsoft has already experienced.
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