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Real Swiss Quality: ZH2O Züriwasser

The average Swiss is using 162 liters of water per day, from which a large part is tap water. In the Swiss city of Zürich, the water quality is excellent. The so-called ZH2O Züriwasser is even healthier than mineral water and better for the environment. 70% of the Züriwasser is coming from Lake Zürich, which consists mainly out of clear glacier water. 15% is water from local sources and the remaining percentage is ground water. Furthermore, with ZH2O Züriwasser you can donate money to provide water facilities in developing countries.
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What Can GLOBE-US Do for You?

GLOBE-US is a process tool which allows every organization to develop a sustainability strategy in alignment with its business model. The organization’s goal is to create value from sustainability, while realizing true integration within the company strategy.

Dyeing Your Business Model Canvas Green

Based upon 20 years of international experience in sustainability strategy and implementation, Finch & Beak developed a process tool to assist companies with the conception of sustainability as a key element of business strategy. The tool, called GLOBE-US, finds its basis in the Business Model Generation-approach of Osterwalder and Pigneur. GLOBE-US is comprised of 7 steps, starting with the original business model. Through the relevant material issues, the tool focuses on value creation and ultimately disruptive business model design.

‘High pace, strong user-experience, inspiring & fun’

An interesting mix of senior managers of international companies such as DSM, KBC and Ziggo shared their insights and ideas about sustainable business models at GLOBE-US Innovation Lab in Brussels. The central theme of this first edition: sustainable innovation as a driver for value creation.

Business Design Thinking in Barcelona

In September 2013, the second GLOBE-US Discovery Expedition took place. This time the team of Finch & Beak, together with several customer companies and associate partners, visited Barcelona.
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