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Multinationals and Water: Low or High Tide?

Water is an important social issue and still many people lack access to water. According to the Water Resources Group, the global water demand exceeds total water supply with 40% in 2030. And the WHO stated that water scarcity affects 1 in 3 people on every continent of the globe. The largest multinationals on the planet therefore have a large impact on the topic of water scarcity. What actions are these companies taking to reduce their water use? How do they communicate and which sectors are reporting the most on water issues?
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Using the Business Model Canvas to Go from Marketing to Mattering

In his exit interview, Bob Langert, McDonald's vice president of corporate social responsibility and sustainability recently said "We need to be a more relevant brand to consumers, to your point. And the work of sustainability is going to make us more relevant. Our actions for the future are going to be part of our growth." But how to reshape your business model in order to better deal with the quickly changing demands of society. Here's how to apply the Business Model Canvas and make your business more sustainable using a proven 7-step process approach.
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