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Experience Design Course

Dive into the world of experience design, co-creation and innovation during the 3-day Experience Design Course on 25, 26 and 27 March, which will strengthen your competitive edge with meaningful and powerful experiences.

How Deutsche Telekom Inspires and Accelerates Innovation

Managing and spurring innovation is a prerequisite for success within the telecommunications environment - characterized by fast evolution and continuous change. But how do you deal with the challenge of accelerating innovation when you employ over 230,000 people spread across 50 countries? Finch & Beak spoke with Julia Leihener, Senior Service Design Manager & Head of Creation Center at the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, to find out how Deutsche Telekom ensures its continuous company-wide innovation capability.

Sustainable Innovations That Improve Health and Combat Diseases

A staggering 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease and, in most of the cases, the victims didn’t know the water was unsafe to drink. The statistics show that 1 in 9 children die before their 5th birthday from simple preventable causes like dehydration from diarrhoea. A fierce inspiration to create innovation in health care in developing countries!

Accelerating Employee Engagement at Eneco

Not so long ago, utility companies were public agencies that offered predictable products and services, and had little to no competitors. They did not need to have an open, social and innovative character, and entrepreneurial skills were not that important. During the 1990's this slowly began to change. Moreover, new technological opportunities and contemporary developments led to further acceleration. So how faces Eneco, a >€5 billion turnover Dutch energy company, this changing context?

Is Creating Shared Value Gender-Sensitive?

The unique lingerie brand Naja produces lingerie with a purpose and is a great example of putting the Creating Shared Value concept into practice. With their initiative ‘Underwear for Hope’ the company empowers women in South America through education and employment. By offering training and job opportunities for women in the poorest regions of Colombia, Naja gives women chances to develop their skills and receive a regular income.

Inspiration for Accomplishing Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation is transforming the competitive landscape. By aligning sustainability with business objectives, companies develop competencies that competitors will find difficult to match. Competitive advantages are not limited to higher revenues from better products and new businesses, but eco-efficiency practices can also lead to major cost savings.

Bits of Freedom Wins Ziggo Open Society Award

In 2010 Ziggo established the Ziggo Prize for the Open Society as a stimulus for safer internet. The initiative that has made the biggest contribution towards a transparent and safe internet wins the prize. The prize is awarded annually by an independent jury. This year, the Dutch NGO Bits of Freedom has proudly won the Ziggo Open Society Award.

Communication Benchmarking for Social Housing

Improving and protecting corporate reputations, and the professionalization of the online communication policy are the most important issues on the communication agenda for 2012 of social housing companies in the Netherlands. Surprisingly enough, from the perspective of communication, there is relatively little drive for cost optimization, resulting in missed opportunities on efficiency improvements.
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Sustainability in Golf: the Triple Bottom Line

Olympic golf course architect Gil Hanse joins top international experts for a special Golf Business Forum think tank on the economic, ecological and social impacts of golf. This special session is presented in association with Syngenta.
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