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European Communication Summit 2014

Europe's leading platform for corporate communicators organizes the 8th edition of the European Communication Summit on 10th and 11th July, 2014 in Brussels. During the two-day conference more than 55 nationalities will be present. International key speakers from various industries, such as food & beverage, energy, health, transporation, IT & computing, and banking will share their approaches and experiences in the broad field of communications.

National Pancake Day Connects Juniors with Seniors

Friday March 30, 2012, brought yet another edition of the annual national pancake day in The Netherlands. Initiated by the companies Tefal and Koopmans, elementary schools were invited to organize baking activities for senior citizens in their neighborhood. With this initiative, the companies show they’re socially engaged and thus create a positive emotional brand experience.

Did FIFA drink too much?

Beer must be sold at all World Cup venues in 2014, FIFA has insisted. This means that Brazil need to change its laws. For FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke this is a non-negotiable: "Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we're going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that's something we won't negotiate. The fact that we have the right to sell beer has to be a part of the law."
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Social Media as Platform for CSR Communications

Companies are increasingly making use of social media for various purposes. In marketing, webcare and PR, social media have become household names in the communication mix. However, in the field of CSR and sustainability, social media are not necessarily regarded as a useful platform yet. While the delivery of CSR messages relies on mainly traditional channels such as the CSR report, social media show great potential for discussing sustainability issues and engaging stakeholders.
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Green Guerrilla: How to Increase Your Sustainability Budget?

That dreaded time of year is coming up again: budget season. Internal competition for funds is a force of nature. And as we see sustainability programs increasingly being integrated into core business activities, many corporate sustainability directors still struggle with obtaining sufficient "communication funds" for the cause.
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How to Jump-Start Meaningful Marketing

For the first time, we see that developing Meaningful Brands - that enhance the wellbeing of people, communities and societies - is more essential to successful brand management than building trust. Looking at the most recent results from Havas' Meaningful Brands© 2015 study, Meaningful Brands with positive societal impact have a higher return as they enjoy a 46% higher spent versus competitors in their category (Share of Wallet) than less Meaningful Brands. But how to become a Meaningful Brand without running the risk of greenwashing?
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Sustainable Brands Live Event 2015 Barcelona, Spain

On 27 and 28 April Sustainable Brands organizes its live event in Europe's most innovative city, Barcelona. Successful brands are expected to deliver deeper customer value. Through better business models, smarter product design and the engagement of stakeholders in partnership, businesses will build on the better world of tomorrow. During the two-day congres, participants will collaborate on the theme of redesigning business success from sustainability. Leading brand innovators from all over the world are presented to share their knowledge and experiences.

Social Media’s CSR Opportunities

Europe has 476 million internet users, of which 350 million are using social networks. These numbers are derived from InSites Consulting’s 2011 global study on social media use. Over half of the people who are using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, are connected to one or several brands. The most important reasons to follow or recommend a brand, are personal experiences with the brand and conversations about this brand. Insights into the underlying motives of ‘fans and followers’ enables organizations to better meet their needs.
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Integrated Thinking by Integrated Doing

Mid-November, the 2015 results of the Dutch Transparency Benchmark were released. The benchmark is an annual research since 2004 on the content and quality of corporate social responsibility reports of Netherlands-based companies. Its goal is to provide transparency and promote the development of corporate social reporting among the largest companies.

Customer Case: Inspiring Youngsters at Sekisui

The Japanese Sekisui Chemical Group is one of the leading global chemical companies developing the frontiers of Creation of Housing & Social Infrastructure and Chemical Solutions.
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