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Accelerating Employee Engagement at Eneco

Not so long ago, utility companies were public agencies that offered predictable products and services, and had little to no competitors. They did not need to have an open, social and innovative character, and entrepreneurial skills were not that important. During the 1990's this slowly began to change. Moreover, new technological opportunities and contemporary developments led to further acceleration. So how faces Eneco, a >€5 billion turnover Dutch energy company, this changing context?

A Creative Hiking Experience in Spain

Mountain landscapes have always been recognized as the perfect spot to go when our body needs to reconnect with nature as they enable us to get into a relaxed state-of-mind. From the city of Barcelona, it is a short trip to the beautiful Pyrenees mountains. In these mountains it is now possible for leaders and their teams to re-energize. The Creative Hiking Experience is an effective and sustainable method for facilitating the effective implementation of deep organizational transformation.
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Sekisui Inspires Youngsters to Drive Sustainable Change

Sekisui Chemical Company, the Japanese manufacturer of high quality polyolefin foams is very active in the field of sustainability. In 2007, when Sekisui celebrated its 60-year anniversary, it organized the first Global Children’s Eco Summit in Japan with children from all over the world, followed by regional events in Europe, North-America and Asia.The big idea behind the involvement of this specific stakeholder group is that they are very well equipped to be change agents for a sustainable future.
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3 Reasons Why Companies Should Start an Accelerator

Corporate accelerators are hot business. Every self-respecting enterprise seems to have initiated a creative hotbed where starting entrepreneurs are coached in making their young businesses a success. Google and Microsoft are obvious candidates to step into startup acceleration, but what about corporations such as Telefónica, Volkswagen and Barclays? Is there a real business case behind these endeavors or is it just a short-lived hype that will be over in a few years?

Secure E-Post Saves Costs and Increases Employee Productivity

As we’re heading for 1 billion Facebook users, and 188 billion e-mails and 340 million tweets are sent around the globe each day, you can’t deny the ever increasing need for communication, which creates opportunities for innovation. Organisations that are capable of engaging their employees with business ideas that make life easier, realise more than just a high score on their quarterly employee satisfaction monitor.

Customer Case: Spurring Innovation with Telenet Idealabs

Telenet launched its Telenet Idealabs accelerator and growth program in Antwerp in 2014 to facilitate startups getting a head start.

Boosting Innovation with Telenet Idealabs

Starting a company has never been easy. Not having to worry about business knowledge, networks and resources can be the difference between getting off the ground and moving back in with your parents. This is why Telenet launched its Telenet Idealabs accelerator and growth program in Antwerp.
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