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Sustainable Future? Exploring Opportunities

SBE SCOPE Symposium at Maastricht University

Together with keynote speakers, prestigious companies and excellent students the one-day convention at Maastricht University will be centered around the theme 'Topic' as sustainability is perceived as an important topic to be further addressed. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the School of Business and Economics in Maastricht, the first SBE SCOPE Symposium will take place on 18 May 2015. The SBE SCOPE Symposium provides a platform for all participants to take part in discussions, which will address different specified topics to capture all interests.

Exploring New Business Models in Helsinki

Mid September, Finch & Beak's managing partner Jan van der Kaaij flew to Helsinki to conduct a workshop at HAAGA-HELIA, university of applied sciences, about how to implement shared value so that it creates better business.
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Sekisui Inspires Youngsters to Drive Sustainable Change

Sekisui Chemical Company, the Japanese manufacturer of high quality polyolefin foams is very active in the field of sustainability. In 2007, when Sekisui celebrated its 60-year anniversary, it organized the first Global Children’s Eco Summit in Japan with children from all over the world, followed by regional events in Europe, North-America and Asia.The big idea behind the involvement of this specific stakeholder group is that they are very well equipped to be change agents for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Innovations That Improve Health and Combat Diseases

A staggering 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease and, in most of the cases, the victims didn’t know the water was unsafe to drink. The statistics show that 1 in 9 children die before their 5th birthday from simple preventable causes like dehydration from diarrhoea. A fierce inspiration to create innovation in health care in developing countries!
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Exclusive Master Class IMD Lausanne

A sustainable supply chain incorporates many benefits for companies. To provide answers on how this can be relevant to your business, IMD in Lausanne is organizing a master class on embedding sustainable sourcing strategies.


INSEAD is one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. INSEAD's business education and research inspires more than 1,300 degree participants annually. Its aim is to bring people, cultures and ideas together to change lives and to transform organizations.

DSM: Sustainability as a Driver for Innovation

The British naturalist Charles Darwin noted in his publications that it was not the strongest of the species that survived but the fittest, i.e. those most responsive to change. We have come to notice this is not only the case in nature, but also in business. Prime example of a company able to adjust to changing circumstances while realizing growth and profitability: DSM.
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CSR 2.0 Executive Training

CSR 2.0 is the approach in which sustainability is truly integrated into the core of the organization. In comparison with CSR 1.0, the ‘old-fashioned’ CSR approach, CSR 2.0 stands for a collaborative, result driven and diversified method of corporate responsibility. Instead of a stand-alone division, sustainability is carried out and experienced by every business unit.
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