Climate and Energy

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Maersk Line wins award for super slow steaming initiative

Maersk Line is named Sustainable Shipping Operator of The Year for challenging the shipping industry and bringing about significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions.
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Sparking Innovation with Service Jamming at Eneco

In July 2015, Dutch energy company Eneco organized a open service design jam, in which the opportunities of implementing a service design process was central point of discussion. Due to rapid changes in technology, for example in the energy production market where the development and usage of solar panels has increased tremendously, consumers’ demands are shifting. From the first electrical power station, build in 1868 in Northumberland, the UK, to the possibilities for consumers today to take care of their own energy production, with solar panels transforming up to 40% of sunlight can into energy. This example of the speedy transition from centralized to decentralized energy production indicates that consumers become less dependent and more and more self-sufficient. The implication for energy companies are enormous: how can they cope with this change in order to stay ahead of fierce competitors and keep track on the needs of their customers?
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