Start Warming Up for Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2016

Most companies eager to be leading in the globally renowned sustainability benchmark - the Dow Jones Sustainability Index - kick-start their data collection process months before the official release of the questionnaire, in order to determine the must-win battles. If sustainability leadership is also on your wish list for the upcoming edition, start now by downloading our DJSI Services Cheat Sheet. Define your course and identify which information is required, and start getting your internal organization aligned and ready.
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How Leading Chemicals Companies Surpass Their Competition

For the case studies we wrote for IMD business school on Royal DSM, and the forthcoming case on Novozymes for INSEAD, Finch & Beak did a deep dive in the sustainability performance within of the chemicals sector. This has taught us that at least a few chemical companies are among the global community of corporate sustainability front runners, which sparked the question: what is the status of sustainability in the rest of the industry?

Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Determining Your Game Plan for 2014 and Beyond

In April 2014, RobecoSAM released its new Sustainability Assessment questionnaire for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), kickstarting the data collection and reporting process for companies eager to be included in the global leading sustainability benchmark. But also after 11 September 2014, when the results are published, you can learn valuable lessons from the benchmark to improve your company's CSR performance.
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Reporting: How to Hook the C-suite

With the reporting season in full swing, it’s time to shed some light on the phenomenon that integrated reporting has become. The abundance of sustainability standards and benchmarks makes it easy to get lost in the details of execution, but we should remember to see them as what they are: bait on the hook towards the ultimate goal of sustainable value creation.
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KLM Open Again the Most Sustainable Golf Event on the Tour

On September 18, 2012, international CSR consultancy Finch & Beak revealed the results of the second Sustainable Golf Index, a benchmark measuring the perceived sustainability of professional golf tournaments. The Netherlands’ KLM Open, an official tournament on the PGA European Tour, is ranked as the most sustainable golf event on the tour after a close finish with the Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal.
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Easter Island 2.0: The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

We all know the story of Easter Island. Unfortunately the performance of countries and their competitiveness is often still measured and compared by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), expressed in a monetary value. But financial indicators (such as the GDP) are not sufficient to fully and comprehensively express a national balance sheet.

Social Media’s CSR Opportunities

Europe has 476 million internet users, of which 350 million are using social networks. These numbers are derived from InSites Consulting’s 2011 global study on social media use. Over half of the people who are using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, are connected to one or several brands. The most important reasons to follow or recommend a brand, are personal experiences with the brand and conversations about this brand. Insights into the underlying motives of ‘fans and followers’ enables organizations to better meet their needs.

How to Change a Laggard Industry on a Tight Budget?

In terms of sustainability, the golf sector never has been a frontrunner, rather the opposite: a true laggard. The entire industry is jam-packed with tradition. An amazing challenge and opportunity to change such a back marker, is what Finch & Beak thought. Why not make the game of golf more sustainable? It was obvious that the only realistic solution to start, was to trace the sustainability pain-points in the value proposition of golf courses and their stakeholders, and to create value from it for those same stakeholders. With the help of our process tool GLOBE-US in combination with the Business Model Canvas, Finch & Beak could uncover the relevant sustainability touch points of the industry, and could develop a suitable value proposition.

Shaping the Horizon for Long Term Value Creation

Companies are outlining more and more sustainability issues in their annual reports. Recently published reports prove that companies in the same industry address different material topics in their Form 10-K, which is the annual report required in the United States by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for traded companies. The inconsistency in reporting, offers various initiatives opportunities to raise the bar for sustainability accounting standards. Organizations like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and so on continuously improve their standards.
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Improving on the Stakeholder Engagement Criterion in DJSI

With the increase in power held by local stakeholders due to developments such as social media, mobile technologies and the globalization of local issues, an effective stakeholder engagement approach is now more vital than ever to companies. Reflecting this changing position, RobecoSAM introduced an enhanced framework in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index questionnaire for evaluating companies’ stakeholder engagement activities.
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