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Times are changing. Technological development, sustainability consciousness, and globalization are important ‘shapers’ of the new reality. This new reality also leads up more and more to an organizational new style: the open and breathing organization. A network organization which continuously renews itself, is nimble, and organizes itself based on the talent, the passion and the qualities of people. This diversity is an important departure point for value creation.
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The crucial role of HR in Sustainability

Authenticity, integrity and trust are important conditions to attract and bind employees. Therefore, the link with Corporate Social Responsibility is obvious. Paul-Peter Feld, Director Human Resources & Organisation of Enexis, The Netherlands (past: Xerox) gives his vision on the connection between human resources and effective Corporate Social Responsibility. “HR can provide an important contribution to the realisation of the organisation’s goals. After all, within organisations people are the ones who deliver the goals and the strategy. Therefore, an important job for Human Resources is to enable people to develop themselves and change together with the changing (organisation)circumstances.
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Using the Business Model Canvas to Go from Marketing to Mattering

In his exit interview, Bob Langert, McDonald's vice president of corporate social responsibility and sustainability recently said "We need to be a more relevant brand to consumers, to your point. And the work of sustainability is going to make us more relevant. Our actions for the future are going to be part of our growth." But how to reshape your business model in order to better deal with the quickly changing demands of society. Here's how to apply the Business Model Canvas and make your business more sustainable using a proven 7-step process approach.

Sekisui Children’s Eco Summit Leads to Eco Awareness

At the beginning of September 2008, the first Sekisui European Children’s Eco Summit took place with the theme: How to become Eco Heroes: reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink! During the event children aged 10 to 18 from France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands were challenged to discover playfully what they can do to preserve the environment. The participants valued the program (developed by Finch & Beak) with elements such as an Eco Hero Rap, a GPS expedition, An Eco Hero Quiz and the building of a TV studio out of Sekisui waste material with a 8.9.
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During EURIB's Reputation Management in Four Days program

Guest lecture Josée van der Hoek on governance and leadership

Josée van der Hoek, partner and senior consultant Finch & Beak, will deliver a guest lecture on governance and leadership during EURIB's upcoming Reputation Management in Four Days program.
Jan van der Kaaij spoke about reputation and CSR performance

Finch & Beak at Reputation Institute's 2013 Global Conference

The Reputation Institute’s 17th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Brand Identity and Competitiveness took place on June 5-7 in Barcelona. This year focused on how companies can better navigate multi-stakeholder relationships & perceptions towards greater success, and the bottom line impact of reputation capital and resiliency.

The 24-Hour Stakeholder Pressure Cooker

As part of broad sustainability agendas, stakeholder management has gained significance as a result of increased transparency, reporting regulations and the understanding that stakeholder influence will determine a company’s “license to grow”. Appreciating the issues that key stakeholders value most, can make drive competitive advantage.
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McDonald's Ambitious Targets for 2020

Although McDonald’s is not typically perceived as one of the frontrunners in sustainability, it has built up a sound track record recognized by leading benchmarks such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Great Place to Work, and Fortune. Over the past few years, the company has been working on a global sustainability framework and collaborated with stakeholders to define goals for the year 2020. Where is the company on its sustainability journey and how is McDonald’s collaborating with locally operating companies?
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