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Discover the new way of doing business

Sustainable Brands Live Event 2015 Barcelona, Spain

On 27 and 28 April Sustainable Brands organizes its live event in Europe's most innovative city, Barcelona. Successful brands are expected to deliver deeper customer value. Through better business models, smarter product design and the engagement of stakeholders in partnership, businesses will build on the better world of tomorrow. During the two-day congres, participants will collaborate on the theme of redesigning business success from sustainability. Leading brand innovators from all over the world are presented to share their knowledge and experiences.
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Experience Design Course

Dive into the world of experience design, co-creation and innovation during the 3-day Experience Design Course on 25, 26 and 27 March, which will strengthen your competitive edge with meaningful and powerful experiences.
Reporting at the crossroads - ensuring purpose, practicability and performance

Reporting 3.0 Conference 2014

Reporting 3.0 is the international multi-stakeholder platform for the Future of Sustainability Reporting. On 6 and 7 October 2014 the platform organizes the second edition of their annual conference in Berlin. During two days organizations, participants, ideas, and topics are brought together, to examine the status quo of reporting and its further development. Collecting new perspectives and combine them to jointly enhance their impact, are the main features of the Reporting 3.0 event.
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Invitation-only event for Sustainability Directors dealing with rankings such as DJSI

Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich

On Thursday the 11th of September 2014, together with our partner BSD Consulting, Finch & Beak will co-host a Senior Executive Lunch Meeting in Zürich. On this same date, the results of the participating companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index will be made public, providing a great platform for interaction and networking on the sense and non-sense of the materiality matrix as a driver for innovation.
The next stage of communications

European Communication Summit 2014

Europe's leading platform for corporate communicators organizes the 8th edition of the European Communication Summit on 10th and 11th July, 2014 in Brussels. During the two-day conference more than 55 nationalities will be present. International key speakers from various industries, such as food & beverage, energy, health, transporation, IT & computing, and banking will share their approaches and experiences in the broad field of communications.
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Pushing boundaries for a global impact

International Sustainable Campus Network 2014 Conference

Leveraging collective action for global impact is the theme for the International Sustainable Campus Framework (ISCN) 2014 Conference on June 1-4. In partnership with Harvard University and the Massachusetss Institute of Technology (MIT), the ISCN organizes its event in Cambridge, one of the most famous innovation hubs in the United States.
C-suite leadership insight meets best management practice

The Responsible Business Summit 2014

The Ethical Corporation will host the 13th edition of their annual event on May 19-20: The Responsible Business Summit. This year's theme is about adding sustainable innovation to the bottom line. During two days, London will be the meeting place for business professionals to learn more about CSR and the link with innovation from a practical perspective.
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Tilburg Sustainability Center welcomed academics and practioners to explore CSR

Spring Camp Corporate Social Responsibility

On March 26-27, the Tilburg University campus turned into a playground for CSR-experts as the Tilburg Sustainability Center hosted its 2014 Spring Camp on Corporate Social Responsibility. Academics and practioners in the field joined the conference at which various aspects of CSR were scrutinized.
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Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Leadership

Excelencia empresarial in Madrid: Corporate Excellence Centre

The Spanish Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Leadership came together on March 18th in Madrid to explore ways to strenghten the link between sustainability and corporate reputation. Illustrated by the Torres case, Finch & Beak' managing partner Jan van der Kaaij showed the members the opportunities and challenges.
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During EURIB's Reputation Management in Four Days program

Guest lecture Josée van der Hoek on governance and leadership

Josée van der Hoek, partner and senior consultant Finch & Beak, will deliver a guest lecture on governance and leadership during EURIB's upcoming Reputation Management in Four Days program.
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