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Marie Cloarec

Enthusiastic young professional aiming to support companies in improving their commitment to sustainability. |

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Rachel Wilbertz

Ambitious professional aiming to promote corporate sustainability, sustainable development, and environmental justice to combat the most pressing social and environmental challenges of the 21st century |


Johana Schlotter

As a young professional, I’m enthusiastic about interdisciplinary challenges and working in a customer-centric environment that supports companies on their journey towards positive ESG performance. |


Aurora Benedetti

Young sustainability professional aiming to help companies and societies rethink and minimise their impact on the environment.

Damien 2.jpeg

Damien Manhes

Dynamic sustainability professional eager to help companies become a force for positive change.


Gabriele Vicario

Young and positive thinker with passion and involvement in Sustainability and Climate Change, trying to find suitable solutions for everyday business activities.


Rozemarijn Website.jpeg

Rozemarijn Neefjes

Passionate about building motivated teams that help organizations grow and flourish |


Adélaïde Cadioux

Multilingual ex-marketer currently studying Degrowth to help build livable, sustainable and enjoyable futures |


Philip Tameh

Philip works as an ESG Analyst with years of experience in fixed income and sustainability.

Dena 2.jpeg

Dena Maraka

Dena provides analytical support in ESG consulting projects including assisting clients in enhancing their sustainability reporting and operational performance. 

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