INSEAD Sustainability Executive Roundtables

INSEAD Sustainability Executive Roundtables
Publ. date 18 feb 2015
As of February 2015, Jan van der Kaaij, co-founder of Finch & Beak has been invited to join the Advisory Board for INSEAD's Sustainability Executive Roundtables, which bring together industry experts, senior level executive alumni and academics. Since 2003 the Alumni Sustainability Roundtables are held to discuss the business impact of sustainable development at the INSEAD Fontainebleau Campus twice a year. The Roundtables are guided by an Advisory Board of senior alumni in collaboration with the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre.

The conferences are key in promoting the dialogue on sustainability and environmental management amongst a group of senior executives, alumni and academics. From its vision of 'business as a positive global force for driving sustainable prosperity', executive participants from around the globe are challenged to share knowlegde and best practices on the role of business in a sustainable society. 

Finch & Beak is proud to be offerred the opportunity to contribute to the Roundtables with its 18 years of experience in the fields of sustainability and innovation. Based upon the ongoing collaboration over the past year, the extension of the invitation to join amplifies the excellent fit between INSEAD with its Executive Roundtables and Finch & Beak. 

Save the date for the next Roundtable 

Upcoming June 26, 2015 the 32nd edition of the Sustainability Executive Roundtable will be organized, led by Professor Jean-François Manzoni, Professor of Management Practice and the Shell Chaired Professor of Human Resources and Organisational Development at INSEAD. Participation is by invitation only. Finch & Beak' acquaintances that are interested to join the next Roundtable are invited to contact Nikkie Vinke at or call +31 6 28 02 18 80 for more information. To learn more on the Sustainability Executive Roundtables, please visit the website of INSEAD's Social Innovation Centre. 

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