Lean Materiality Matrix 'Re-Fresh' Using Big Data

Agile 4-week, easy-to-organize approach for Materiality Assessment
Lean Materiality Matrix 'Re-Fresh' Using Big Data Lean Materiality Matrix 'Re-Fresh' Using Big Data
Publ. date 15 mrt 2018
The materiality matrix has become a familiar sight in corporate reporting, representing a selection of topics that generate impact on the company and that are relevant to its stakeholders. Traditionally, full materiality assessments are conducted involving internal and external stakeholders in an elaborate process. But, today’s turbulent business environment requires a more frequent and agile approach, monitoring sustainability risks and opportunities around the clock. Finch & Beak’s Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment guarantees an annual update of your materiality matrix within 4 weeks by using big data from Bloomberg and CDP, among others.


The benefits of the Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment for your organization include:

  1. Efficient process: Delivering an updated and shareholder ready materiality matrix  within four weeks from start to finish
  2. Easy to organize: Using existing state-of-the-art big data tools, makes expensive questionnaires dispensable while delivering quantitative unbiased outcomes
  3. Integrates materiality challenges: Combining insights in material issues, SDGs and DJSI performance in industry context
  4. Framework savvy: Materiality assessment is fully aligned with reporting frameworks such as GRI and SASB
  5. Resource efficient: Limiting internal resources to a two-hour workshop resulting in a reduction of costs and organizational hassle

Are you ready to update your company’s materiality matrix?

If you want to discover the benefits of integrating big data in the process of your materiality assessment, whether it is for a Re-Fresh or full swing materiality matrix, please contact Josée van der Hoek, Director, at josee@finchandbeak.com or +31 6 28 02 18 80 to accelerate your lean reporting.

According to Simon Gobert, Sustainability Performance and Reporting Manager at DSM:

 “Finch & Beak has brought on board an innovative big data approach for updating our materiality matrix. The Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment was characterized by a high reach and much less internal effort in comparison with our previous, internal updates. Finch & Beak delivered within the 4 week timeframe due to a very well structured process. As a long-standing customer of Finch & Beak we were again very pleased with the agile way of working and the high quality of the final output”.

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Simon Gobert

DSM | Sustainability Performance and Reporting Manager

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